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LdF Trophy Chase Standings

Linea de Fuego Trophy Chase 2014-2015 Standings

You can be notified automatically anytime updates are posted by joining our mailing list or following us on Twitter. Each scoring entry below includes the member name, average for their top 8 matches in that division (or fewer if they have not shot 8 matches yet), and the number of matches they have shot in that division. A minimum of 8 matches must be shot in a division to be eligible for the trophy chase. Shooters who have met the 8 match minimum will be highlighted. If you have any questions or notice any problems you may send and email to scores@lineadefuego.info and we'll try and get it resolved right away.

Last update: Friday, July 3, 2015.


Bridgman, Dave83.6501 Sueda, Michael96.63518 Zolezzi, Michael100.00017 Dezan, Dave89.06318 Day, Keith79.2384 Wilingham, Al54.5545
    Clark, Matthew94.8477 Woolfrey, John99.68420     Anderson, Leslie79.0034    
    White, Sterling94.1433 Del Rio, Bart79.13111     Gaynor, Brian73.51616    
        Buccellato, Jim70.43915     Sarte, Sonny63.3937    
        Kuehl, Bill56.73614     Stragier, Dan47.2201    

        Underdown, Craig100.0001 Gross, Jeff100.00013 Sarte, Sonny60.0901 Norfleet, Craig54.6701
            Orr, David76.5501 Foster, Brent55.0501    
            Lemoge, Mark75.2604        

    White, Sterling100.0001 Underdown, Craig100.0001 Magers, Corey100.00014 Orr, David89.6352    
    Reyes, Ramiro99.6758     Morris, David97.58121 Sarte, Sonny59.1773    
    Buccellato, Jim85.7402     Jehl, Bill96.64515        

Clark, Matthew98.3958     Ackerman, John90.52110 Bricco, Rowdy92.1868 Anderson, Leslie88.0401 Ramos, Jong58.8984
            Kaai, Dean90.3473 Yeager, Brad86.6825    
            Ackerman, Jay89.2052 Garcia, Ivan82.9702    
                Czoka, Larry79.73111    
                Ferrell, Ed71.03314    
                Chen, Alan62.1301    
                Foster, Brent59.6226    

                Ratliff, Don100.0003    

    Underdown, Craig100.0001 Ackerman, Jay100.00014 Anderson, Leslie97.6858 Stragier, Dan86.05414 Brown, Jack69.2052
            Lemoge, Mark93.9706 Chen, Alan81.94416 Norfleet, Craig60.28310
                Hill, Jeffrey77.5406 Ratliff, Eric54.12110
                Ratliff, Don76.67810    
                Babb, David72.4101    
                Czoka, Larry72.1452    
                Barbani, Marc68.87811    
                Jansen, Bill66.21310    
                Ferrell, Ed66.0002    
                Foster, Brent51.3902