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2019 Titan 300 Match

About the Titan 300 Match

Titan 300

Titan Ballistics and Linea De Fuego have teamed up for the first annual Titan 300. The match will be held at the Pala Shooting Range on April 27th. First shots are at 8am and registration will be handled on Practiscore. Registration opens Sunday March 17th. Cost is $75.

Not a "hoser match," this is a 300 round, 8 stage, technical match that will test your speed, accuracy, and endurance. Bring a lot of extra ammo. We will follow USPSA rules although this is an Outlaw match. No Chrono. Yes, these will be the same stages that have made Pala famous...but bigger, with more targets and challenges. Expect stages with 35-40 round counts. Small squads will RO and score themselves similar to the Left Out Match. After rotating thru 5 stages there will be a short break for lunch. Bring your own lunch and buy some famous Meat on a Stick.

After lunch shooters will enjoy 3 more high round count stages. Once done bring out your items to sell at the free Swap Meet. A FFL will be on premises. Results will follow with trophies handed out 5-8 deep based on the amount of competitors in each division. Trophies will have a Spartan theme.

Titan Ballistics, the Official Match Sponsor, will be donating GUNS for the raffle table. Safariland, Lonestar, and Gramms have also donated prizes for the raffle. Every shooter will receive a Titan 300 T shirt with a Spartan theme and a raffle ticket with their registration. Extra raffle tickets will be available to purchase. Leave the match with Victory, knowing you were part of the first Titan 300.

We are Pala! We are the Titan 300!

  • Match date: April 27th, 2019
  • Location: Pala Shooting Range in Pala, California
  • Match Fee: $75
  • Registration opens: March 17th, 6PM (PDT) via Practiscore
  • Format: USPSA Handgun Level 1, 8 squads, one day
  • Other: Match T-Shirt included with registration