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Pala Practical Shooters • Reservation Shooting Club
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Linea de Fuego maintains a low volume (1 or 2 messages per week) e-mail list for keeping in touch with match participants. Any time scores are uploaded an automated message is sent to list members. We also do special mailings to alert people to changes in the match schedule and special events. Use the form below to add or remove your email from the list. We ask for your real name because requests are reviewed by an actual person to help prevent misuse, having a name makes it easier to verify legitimate requests. The e-mail address you submit will not be visible to other list members who receive the mailing. Fields marked with a bold typeface are required. If there are mistakes or ommissions on your entry you will return to this form, with your mistakes marked in red.

Do NOT use an email address that requires further action on the part of this list, e.g. an address that responds to the list with a challenge email such as "Please go here to add yourself to my safe senders list." Those email addresses are immediately removed from this list (the only exception are temporary "Out of the Office" austomated replies).

If you are updating or changing your email address please include your old email address in the Notes field so that we may keep our list as clean as possible.


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