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Linea de
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Pala Practical Shooters • Reservation Shooting Club
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Club News and Membership Info

Linea de Fuego was first conceived in 1989 and became incorporated as a Mutual Benefit Corporation in 1990. The Linea de Fuego Section of the United States Practical Shooting Association currently consists of two USPSA clubs, Pala Practical Shooters and the Reservation Shooting Club.

Linea de Fuego currently produces three matches per month. There are USPSA pistol matches on the second and fourth Saturdays of the month and a 3-Gun match on the second Sunday of the month. LdF also produces a steel match on the fifth Saturday of the month, when a fifth Saturday is available. The steel matches do not strictly adhere to the USPSA Rulebook, and shooters can use rimfire, shotgun or centerfire pistol as they may desire.

Membership Changes

We've made changes to the annual membership that should make it more valuable to more people. Memberships used to run from April 1st to March 30 of the following year - limiting the value of a membership for those who signed up after April 1st. Now new memberships run a full 12 months from the date you renew (includes the NCSA membership), so there's no reason not to become a member today.